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TELEMEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES acquires the Swiss company DAPSYS and its VisionHM patient pathway management software suite

Telemedicine Technologies continues to acquire companies that offer innovative solutions and services for its customers. The acquisition of the VisionHM software suite allows Telemedicine Technologies to position itself on the improvement of the operational efficiency of hospitals on the one hand and on the management of patient care on the other hand.

Since the pandemic, the digital transformation of healthcare organisations has been boosted at an unprecedented pace. The challenge of intelligent and efficient coordination of all resources (human, material) for comprehensive, structured and continuous patient care is central to improving the fluidity of organisations, for the benefit of health professionals, hospital management and patients.

The VisionHM solution is unique since it responds to centralised coordination of resources by drawing on a library of management, care and monitoring protocols that are easily adaptable.
VisionHM is interoperable according to the HL7 protocol, with the other “business” applications of the hospital information systems, in particular those related to the computerised patient file, the management of imaging appointments, of consultations and of organisation of blocks operating rooms.

Thanks to its Platform that links hospitals and city medicinelatform, VisionHM also enables coordination with healthcare professionals outside the structures for ‘seamless management of patient follow-up.

The VisionHM solution is already operational in France, Switzerland and Tunisia, in several reference organisations.

This acquisition also allows TELEMEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES to integrate its CleanWeb Clinical Research solution, creating bridges between multiple source of data that is collected in the ‘clinical research area’.

The acquisition of DAPSYS follows the winning in 2021 of the UniHA central purchasing group call for tenders on patient pathways by the Telemedicine Technologies group.
This market is active until 2025.

For hospitals and groups of hospitals, this provision is a guarantee that they will be able to benefit rapidly from an improvement in the organisation of patient pathways, by activating Lot 9 of the “Software solution for analysing and optimising medical activity and care pathways with associated support services” contract.


About Telemedicine Technologies

Telemedicine Technologies is an editor of collaborative e-Health solutions, leader in the field of Clinical Research with its CleanWeb solution, a secure internet platform dedicated to the electronic management of clinical trials, early access and patient registries.
More than 2 million patients have already been included in clinical trials setup with our CleanWeb solution, used by 20,000 investigating centres in 64 countries and involvingr 50,000 users worldwide.

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DAPSYS is the publisher of the VisionHM solution for the management of the patientjourney in healthcare institutions. VisionHM enables the simple and rapid programming of each stage of the patient journey, in connection with the various business applications available in an organisation. VisionHM is suitable for both simple and complex care pathways, within or between institutions (groups of hospitals), for all of the institution protocols.
Healthcare professionals thus have permanent access to precise dashboards and indicators on the patients being monitored.

Contact: Dr Philippe HARAN, Managing Director, Telemedicine Technologies