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A hospital is made up of departments (services) with complementary activities, working on a just-in-time basis, with continually changing priorities.

Plan, rationalise and standardise the care of your patients through medical protocols.
Data Services

Transversal Planning 

of Services

Computerise your medical protocols and use them as a basis for planning and quality control of your services.

Data Services


Take full advantage of the computerisation of medical protocols. VisionHM is the most advanced tool in the field of patient pathway planning.

Data Services

City Hospital

VisionHM WEB is the City-Hospital platform offering a transition towards openness adapted to the patient and healthcare professionals.

Data Services


VisionHM has tools that make it easy to include Artificial Intelligence applications to, among other things, use their data in the planning and implementation of stays and Patient Pathways.

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The Hospital
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of tomorrow

A hospital is made up of departments with complementary activities, working in a tight flow, in a constant quality approach and with constantly changing priorities, made more brutal as they are driven by unpredictable events.

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In the VisionHM ensemble, any medical action carried out by the hospital is referred to as interaction.

An interaction can therefore be a temperature measurement, the application of a plaster but also a very complex operation, itself composed of a multitude of interactions ranging from the simplest (bases) to the most complex (compound).

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VisionHM and

In its simplest form, VisionHM receives all the information required for the administrative creation of a Patient Admission from the Hospital Information System through HL7 standard transactions.

Based on the Workflow resulting from the conduct of an Examination, VisionHM can propose the ambulatory quotations and consumables in line with the way the Examination was completed.

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VisionHM and
its deployment

By an evolutionary approach, any large IT project must be decided as quickly as possible and carried out as slowly as necessary, taking into account the current system and upgrading it.

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Innovation in

VisionHM is constantly seeking to improve the level of quality of patient care and hospital operations by improving the existing solution but also by developing new tools corresponding to the current and future needs of hospital staff.

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Transversal planning of services,
Patient Course,
City Hospital Platform

VisionHM is composed of a powerful editor enabling the computerisation of patient care protocols.
The medical protocols are then used as a decision-making engine when allocating appointments and as a quality guide during implementation.
Developed with French and Swiss health professionals, VisionHM offers all the tools to reflect the reality of the field in the planning and operation of your services.

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Modelling the Patient Pathway Paediatric hospital Nice CHU-Lenval The Lenval Hospital (Nice)

The paediatric hospital Nice CHU-Lenval The Lenval Hospital (Nice) has equipped itself with computer software enabling it to optimise the codification of its activity on a fee-for-service basis, in an ambulatory setting.

A considerable development for the health care institution. According to a national survey conducted by the Agence Technique de l’Information sur l’Hospitalisation (Technical Agency for Hospitalisation Information) and published in December 2015, seventy healthcare institutions (out of a total of 220) were penalised in 2011 for poor management of the T2A, the activity-based pricing system.


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April 10 & 11, 2024 Telemedicine Technologies and OVHcloud are partnering to host health data collected in hospitals for medical research studies using the CleanWeb™ software suite. This collaboration allows Telemedicine Technologies to benefit from OVHcloud’s support, including 24/7 assistance and guarantees such as data localisation in France and transparency in data processing practices. DMEA […]

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