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Digital Medicine Society rolls out initiative to improve diversity in clinical trials

Fierce Biotech The nonprofit Digital Medicine Society and a slew of industry collaborators have launched a new resource platform designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in digitized clinical trials. About 80% of current clinical trial patients are white and only 45% or women, according to the society, illustrating the huge gap that has grown into a […]

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TELEMEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES acquires the start-up CTMA and its software suite CT-SCOUT and ToTem4me, to strengthen and accelerate patient recruitment in clinical trials

Telemedicine Technologies continues to acquire companies that provide innovative solutions and services to its customers. The acquisition of the CTMA (Clinical Trials Mobile Application) software suite enables Telemedicine Technologies to offer investigating centres assistance to accelerate patient recruitment in clinical trials, and to ensure their commitments to sponsors. The digital transformation of healthcare institutions is […]

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